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    JavaFX does not start in Firefox 13


      made a little prototype with javafx, signed it and created a jnlp. It work in chrome and internet explorer but not in firefox 13. There is always the please install message displayed: To view the content on this page, please click here to install.
      After installation from the link, nothing changed. Same content is shown....installation loop.

      Removed all other jre's and jdk's. I have only jdk7 32bit installed on my 64 bit Windows 7 machine.
      Anyone an idea?

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          If Firefox is 64 bits, it is indeed not going to work. You'll need to install either Firefox 32 bits or the 64 bits JDK + JavaFX runtime. Apparently your chrome is 32 bits and Internet Explorer happens to be installed in both 32 bits and 64 bits editions - where the 32 bits one is the system default.

          Note that you do not have to uninstall the 32 bits JDK to install the 64 bits one; they are in essence two different versions of Java that can coexist.
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            Thanks for the hint, but I have already tried to figure that out:

            Internet Explorer 32bit: runs
            Internet Explorer 64bit: does not run
            Chrome: runs (do not know if 32bit or 64 bit)
            Firefox: does not run (do not know if 32 or 64bit; downloaded from main mozilla site...so probably 32bit?)
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              I gave no hint, I told you what is going on and what to do. Your internet explorer test confirms what I'm saying.
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                Firefox build identification is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:13.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/13.0.1
                WOW64 stands for a 32bit emulation on 64bit systems. Maybe this could be the problem?
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                  Hi opfl

                  This is the same sort of behaviour I reported last week -      see "Going round in circles trying to deploy my application"

                  I don't have a 64 bit m/c but was getting different behaviour between Vista and XP m/cs and between the different Browsers.

                  Was recomended that I try Java 7.1.0_6 and FX2.2 beta. This did seem to make a difference but are not yet available to non developers.

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                    Ok thanks. So I will wait for further release.
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                      your problems are not alike at all; the only thing that you two have in common is that stuff "is not working".

                      Read my... fingers: install - a - 64 bits - JDK - for - your - 64 bits - OS.
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                        I do not know if this would be a solution because afterwards the 32bit browsers won't be able to embed the JavaFX application.
                        I had already jdk6 32bit and 64bit and jdk7 32bit and 64bit before I uninstalled all except jdk 7. I have to support also swt with 32bit and therefore a 32bit jdk is needed.
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                          Start with
                          - what versions of Java plugin and Deployment toolkit plugin are listed among add ons in different browsers?
                          - what versions will be reported on java.com when it tries to detect your Java?
                          - can you run regular Java applet in the same browser?
                          - What is listed in Control Panel (all Java Runtime and Java FX products, full names please. JDK is not relevant, it is not used for web deployment per se)

                          If no Java then it is not JavaFX problem and likely to be missing JRE for this architecture.

                          Otherwise it could be registration issue but it is just wild guess. There could be other reasons for detection to be unsuccessful, e.g. plugin may be blocked by the browser.

                          Use process explorer from sysinternals.com to find out what Oracle dlls (and what versions, where from) are loaded by browser processes or their child processes.