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    Dequeue Condition for Message Payload

      Hi experts ,
      My requirement is that :I have 2 Composites in my Application which are going to listen same Aqueue but I want
      SubComposite1 to dequeue only message where "LocalName" is "Create" .
      SubComposite2 to dequeue only message where "LocalName" is "Update" .

      Example of message :
      <msg_out:FusionXFamilyEvent xmlns:msg_out="http://xmlns.oracle.com/apps/common/acr/events">

      In DequeueAdapter (AqAdapter),I have added this condition ,but its not working .
      <activation-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.aq.inbound.AQDequeueActivationSpec">
      <property name="DequeueCondition" value="LocalName='Create'"/>
      <property name="Consumer" value="Sample"/>
      <property name="QueueName" value="ACR_XFAMILY_EVENT_Q"/>

      please help me in this solution