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    getting error while running the Hello World example

      Hi All,
      I have configured the nosql database and while running hello world i am getting following error massage. Can some one help me to resolve my issue.

      Note : i am using windows operating system.

      C:\oracle\kv-ee-1.2.123\kv-1.2.123>java -jar lib/kvstore-1.2.123.jar ping -port 5000 -host cl-wfernando
      Pinging components of store kvstore based upon topology sequence #14
      kvstore comprises 10 partitions and 1 Storage Nodes
      Storage Node [sn1] on CL-WFERNANDO:5000 Datacenter: KVLite [dc1] Status: RUNNING Ver: 11gR2.1.2.123
      Rep Node [rg1-rn1] Status: RUNNING,MASTER at sequence number: 31 haPort: 5011

      Error :

      C:\oracle\kv-ee-1.2.123\kv-1.2.123>java -cp example;lib/kvclient-1.2.123.jar hello.HelloBigDataWorld
      Error: Could not find or load main class hello.HelloBigDataWorld