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    Setting up an OUD proxy to Active Directory

      As a proof of concept, I'm trying to setup an OUD Proxy, pointed toward our corporate AD environment (which I don't control myself).
      I expect that I should then be able to the same ldapsearch queries I run against the AD environment toward the OUD proxy instead, and get the same results.

      When I ran oud-proxy-setup, I setup the instance as a load balancer, choosing a pair of the AD servers as targets, and using what I believe to be the correct base DN.

      I'm having trouble proving that this proxy works however.

      This query toward AD works fine.

      $ ldapsearch -b "OU=MyCompany,DC=company,DC=com" -h [active directory hosts] -D 'AD_DOMAIN\fred.chagnon' -w [password] \ sAMAccountName="Fred.Chagnon"

      but I can't send the same query to the proxy. This is probably a simple syntax error but I can't seem to correct it.

      $ ldapsearch -b "OU=MyCompany,DC=company,DC=com" -h [oud proxy host] -p 1389 -D "AD_DOMAIN\fred.chagnon" -w [password] \ sAMAccountName="Fred.Chagnon"
      ldap_bind: Operations error (1)
      additional info: The provided value "AD_DOMAIN\fred.chagnon" could not be parsed as a valid distinguished name because character '\' at position 3 is not allowed in an attribute name

      I also notice, in ODSM, that the instance is configured as a Load Balancer, but not as a Proxy.
      Have I done something wrong in my setup?