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    DRM Installation Q


      I am trying to install DRM on my machine. I am installing the DRM server and have couple of questions regarding it:

      1. While going through the set up i am on step 5 as per the installation PDF wherein i have to put the

      path for MDM_DATA.ORA and MDM_INDEX.ORA tablespace files. By default the path is


      I have Oracle 10g Express Edition on my system so i changed the path to :


      Is this the correct path???

      The installation guide states:

      For Oracle 10g, set the tablespace path to Drive:\oracle\product\10.1.0\oradata\orcl

      I looked at my drive and didnt see any path similar to above.

      2. The step 8 as per the istallation guide

      " On the Windows COM+ Logon dialog box, enter the domain or machine name and user (for example,
      hyperionad\msmith) and the account name and password for a user who has rights to perform the following
      ● Edit registry settings
      ● Read and write to the local file system
      ● Launch processes
      ● Run as a service"

      I entered my machine name and i am not sure what should i put in Account name & Password???

      Please advise!