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    Weblogic Server 10.3.5 - Configuration Wizard Error


      I am a newbie to forum threads. Please dont mind if I posted incorrectly.

      When I try to run configuration wizard of weblogic server 10.3.5, I am getting the following error.

      Java Virtual Machine Launcher
      Could not find the main class:
      com.oracle.cie.wizard.WizardController. Program will exit.

      I have't moved any files from installatio directory.
      Please anyone help me out to resolve the issue.

      Thanks in advance.
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          How are you trying to run the installer?
          Is it a .exe file OR a .bin file OR a .jar file?

          I am assuming that it is a .jar file.

          The .jar installers would need JAVA to be pre-installed and then use the pre-installed Java to run the installer
          Something like:
          <JAVA_HOME>\bin\java -jar wls1035_generic.jar
          where JAVA_HOME is the location of the Java Installation
          Please review the following documentation for further information:

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            Jaime Gaviria

            If yo use config.sh, this script assume the JVM used in the installation for Weblogic Server.

            Please check the file


            Line 147
            # and JAVA_VENDOR are pre-defined.
            if [ -z "${JAVA_HOME}" -o -z "${JAVA_VENDOR}" ]; then
            *# Set up JAVA HOME (My PATH)*
            *# Set up JAVA VENDOR, possible values are*
            *#Oracle, HP, IBM, Sun ...*
            *# PRODUCTION_MODE, default to the development mode*
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              Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

              Also check whether you have same JDK or not for example currently you are installing WLS 10.3.5 but if you have JDK 1.5 then also you will face similar problem.

              Make sure to you JDK 6 instead of older version.

              As you are able to execute generic jar but still you are getting error means you have older version of JVM installed or it is there in your classpath.

              in command line search java -version.

              it will show you the details.

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                Hi all

                After a deep investigation between my local installation vs testing server, I found that few jars are missing inside modules folder (MW_HOME\modules\).
                Missing jars - com.oracle.cie.config-wls-schema_10.3.4.0.jar

                I just found that this could be the problem.
                I will keep posting once I rectified my error.

                Thank you all.