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    DB Users

      Hi All.
      I am new in this field. I am using Oracle Application Server10g and Developersuit10g. I want to build a module to create and manage users on form instead of sql command. Please send me this command and also a fmb (if available) for my easiness.

      Thanx in advance.

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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          Why would you wanna go through a Forms application? If you have Oracle Portal installed (which I would suggest as you have started your thread in the Oracle Portal forum), you can create new database users from the UI.

          <li> Login as user with Administration privilege, e.g. PORTAL
          <li> Switch to the Navigator
          <li> In the Navigator, switch to the 'Database Objects' sub tab

          You will find a link 'Create Schema' which can be used to create new database schemas (= users)