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    3205: 'hr@mycompany.com' is not a valid role or user name.


      When i am trying to update an approved leave. It goes to approver. When final approver approves , it throws an error shown as below:

      Failed Activity Notify HR About Commit System Error
      Activity Type Notice
      Error Name WFNTF_ROLE
      Error Message *3205: 'hr@mycompany.com' is not a valid role or user name.*
      Error Stack Wf_Notification.Send(hr@mycompany.com, HRSSA, HR_EMBED_DEPT_SYSAPPLERR_MSG, WF_ENGINE.CB) Wf_Engine_Util.Notification_Send(HRSSA, 3696, 750785, HRSSA:HR_EMBED_DEPT_SYSAPPLERR_MSG) Wf_Engine_Util.Notification(HRSSA, 3696, 750785, RUN)

      Please guide me. Why this error is coming.

      Thanks in advance