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    OBIEE - Disaster Recovery Setup

    user258674 - oracle
      Hi All,
      I am installing OBIEE on customer’s Disaster Recovery (DR) site and they already finished setting up DB for this DR site with following DR db details.

      Physical Standby database configured in DR with data guard replicating the data between PROD and DR using Redo Apply. Db is not allowed for read/write.

      1. Should I create OBIEE schema (DEV_BIPLATFORM, DEV_MDS) on DR db? Or should re use the PROD schema replicated on DR db? Is irt possible to reuse PROD BI schema (MDS,PLATFORM) on DR?
      As I mentioned earlier, DR db is in standby mode with no access to read/write.

      2. In case of Disaster, both Oracle EBS and EBS DB fail over to corresponding DR environments. Is It common practice to set up ETL for DR environment?

      I would appreciate if you can share your experiences/best practices in setting up OBIEE for a DR site with above mentioned DB setup

      Thanks in advance,
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          I'm not sure how DR going to pull report,load etl when there is no access to read/write.

          Leaving access a side, If I'm not wrong still we can use OBIEE schema to setup 11g on DR.

          DR system should be as good as current production, when you run the ETL load that going to be incr load as of the db copy.
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            To make use of high availability in OBIEE you have to configure two connection pool one on the primary site ( which would be the PROD ) and the secondary site ( DR Site ) . Refer to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/availability/311400-134359.pdf for setup details.

            The main problem with using DR Site for reporting is most of the base tables in EBS R12 DB [ in most of schema's like APPS , GL etc ] require call MO_GLOBAL_INIT ('S') or similar procedure each time you run a report based on these tables or even views based on these tables. Hence the reports will fail.

            But if you are staging all these base tables into new schema with EBS r12 DB without referencing the base tables , yes you can use this new schema in DR site for reporting purposes in OBIEE.

            Correct me if I am wrong. Let me know if it works.

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              Hi Venkat,

              I have a similar setup at place, Can you please tell/point to steps/tasks needed to be done in DR when production server is down. Like JDBC connections changes in DR etc..

              Thanks in Advance.