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    en_US Locale and KSH


      in system specs they say I have to have en_US Locale and ksh installed prior to my installation. How can I check if I have it and if not, how to install it?

      Thank you in advance and best regards,

      BVV (total-Linux-newbie)
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          The following should work:

          $ su - dude
          $ echo "LANG=en_US.UTF-8" >> .profile
          $ chsh
          Changing shell for dude.
          New shell [bin/bash]: /bin/ksh
          Shell changed.

          $ su - dude
          $ echo $SHELL
          $ echo $LANG
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            chsh: "/bin/ksh" does not exist.

            what can we do to make it exist? :-)

            BVV (newbie)
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              You can see all your available i18n availability like this:
              $ locale -a
              As far as KSH is concerned, it depends on which version of which distribution you are using. You can try this, in order of preference:
              # /usr/bin/yum install -y ksh
              or failing that:
              # /usr/bin/yum install -y zsh
              # cd /bin
              # /bin/ln ./zsh ksh
              or even this:
              # /usr/bin/yum install -y pdksh
              I put pdksh(1) last because it is missing lots of useful features.

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                As far as I'm aware, ksh'93 is installed by default. Did you rename or remove the file?

                What output do you receive from "find / -name ksh" as root?

                For further analysis, what is your installed Linux distribution and version?