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    Planning11.1.2.2 features available on workspace not on direct Planning URL

      I am exploring the new features on Planning When I tried the rolling forecast on sample application by accessing through workspace I was able to do the Rolling forecast setup on data forms. However when I open the same application by accessing the Planning URL(port: 8300) instead of workspace I see GUI. On the data form there is no option for rolling forecast, nor setting the substitution variable which are available through workspace. Similarly the charts are visible through workspace on a composite form however same form when opened through Planning link shows data forms instead of chart.
      I am using IE9 as the new features are better support in this IE versions as recommended by Oracle.
      Found this strange as same application is opened through workspace and planning link.

      I wanted to confirm if the new features are supported only through workspace and not through direct planning URL. Let me know if there is any setting to be done so that I am able to see the new feature when working through planning url directly.

      Thanks in advance

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