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    Trigger Rules by Thesaurus Entries?

      This issue seem trivial, but I can't seem to find the documentation to support or not support this use.

      I am expecting that if I create a two way thesaurus entry that a page should trigger based on the keyword. Is this not the case?

      For example:

      Create a rule that triggers on "bordeaux"

      Create a two way thesaurus entry for bordeau | bordeaux

      However, using the search term bordeau does not trigger the rule.

      What's the work-around?

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          For posterity, a support engineer replied with:
          I have researched this issue and found out that unfortunately Thesaurus entries do not trigger Merch Rules or/and page builder/experience manager pages.
          You would have to create a keyword for every phrase required, to trigger the rule.
          Unfortunately all I can say is that it's by design in the current version of the product.
          There is an enhancement request to have this functionality in the future.