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    SQL server to Oracle


      I am trying to convert TEXT Type of sqlserver to Oracle. In oracle createad a field of type CLOB.

      When I try to insert the same data from sqlserver Text type field to Oracle for CLOB type. It's not working as length of string is 31538.

      Please suugest a datatype in Oracle which can hold SQL server Text datafield data.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Which tool did you use to move/migrate the content from SQL Server to Oracle?
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            To create my table I used SQL developer to convert create table script from SQL server to Oracle.

            Note: I have not migrated data from SQL Server to Oracle.

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              You said you get an error trying to insert data. What is the command or method you are using to move the data ?


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                I am just trying to insert data manually using insert statement by copying data from sql server database.

                Is there any way where I can migrate data by establishing connection between oracle & SQL server.

                I am new to SQL server.

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                  If it is a one off move of the data then you can use the SQL*developer migration workbench. Have a look here -


                  You can use this to migrate individual tables if you want to do this.

                  If you want to use the gateway then have a look at this note in My Oracle Support -

                  Copying Data Between an Oracle Database and Non-Oracle Foreign Data Stores or Databases Using Gateways (Doc ID 171790.1)

                  If you are using the copy command and have errors then give us the folloiwng details -

                  1. The SQL*Server table create statement
                  2. The Oracle table create statement
                  3. the syntax you are using for the insert or copy statement
                  4. The errors you receive

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