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    Can an admin please delete my post

      I have been contacted by the OP in thread https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2171512 that his original post contained client sensitive data and which has since been deleted but my reply also contained the same data and he has asked me to delete my post in that thread. But I can't as the thread has been locked. Can an admin please delete my post in that thread?

      Ken Denny
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          Sensitive data? Where?

          I see an INSERT and an UPDATE statement in your posting. Code using variables. There is no data. No secret/confidential data like a social ID number, credit card number, bank account details, etc.

          As for the code - plain vanilla SQL statements updating some table. And a table structure cannot be considered as "sensitive" as data models make a poor (failed IMO) mechanism for hiding secrets.

          The OP is mistaken IMO and his request not sensible.
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            Hi admin Team,
            Actually the query snippet i posted over the forum contained some table_name,the code was matched with my client's clear case hence they instructed me to remove the related information from the blog.

            Please help me to remove the reply from kendenny's response as his code has same table_name and where clause,i am in trouble now.
            Please do me the favor.
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              There we go, I've just dropped the whole thread, because without your response, the thread wouldn't have made any sense anyway.