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    OSB 11gR1 install doesn't recognize oepe-helios-all-in-one-

      If you are installing SOA suite 11g from scratch, oepe-helios-all-in-one- is not recognized by the OSB installer. This is the case on both windows and linux 64-bit. However it will recognize oepe-helios-all-in-one- and no, layering over the top of does not fix this.

      I guess once OSB is installed with present, one might then just layer over the top at the point and all would be OK - that's assuming that OSB install doesn't copy any libraries into another location when it does it's install. Can anyone comment on this? I guess I can find this out by trial and error but it would be good to know if someone else has already been there.

      btw, is very recent update for OEPE.