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    Looking for your input on what new AMX components you are interested to see

    Joe Huang-Oracle
      To all beta participants:

      First I'd like to thank you for your continued support in ADF Mobile Beta testing efforts. As you may have noticed, we added a poll asking for your input for options of some major enhancements in ADF Mobile framework. In this thread, we would also like to get your input on the AMX components you want to see added. Here is the list of what we are considering. Please reply to this thread and let us know what you are interested to see (in a ranked list or a simple list), and also add any other components (please explain) we did not list but you are interested to see.

      Please let us know by July 9th (Monday):

      - Grid layout
      - Switcher
      - Modal popup
      - HV
      - Diagrammer
      - Calendar
      - More Graph types?
      - Pivot Table
      - Gantt
      - Time Line

      BTW, we are planning to add the following components to v1 or 1.1:

      - GeoMap
      - Thematic Map
      - panelDisclose
      - Dial Gauge


      Joe Huang