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    Combined Analysis related question

    Charles Dubant[eFrontech]
      Dear all,

      I have a requirement from my customer as follows:

      - Display the list of opportunities split with Estimated order taking by Type (New business, Development on existing customer, Contract Renewal) and by Sales Stage with an indication of the forecasted turnover for the current year next to the Estimated order taking.

      Forecasted turnover is stored in an oppty related object (Assets) which has been configured to support our need (Business need is to have a forecast year after year and to have an estimated turnover for the year).

      Anyway, the aim is to have a list of oppties that should look like this Mockup

      I tried a combined analysis with 2 reports :

      - First report is the full list of Opportunities

      - Second report is the list of opportunities with a line of Forecast for 2012

      I select UNION and the result is not the expected Mockup, the Oppty Revenue and 2012 Forecast columns are duplicated.

      Can anyone please advise on the right way to perform this?

      Thanks in advance,
      Charles DUBANT.