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    Use Custome Styles for Configurator Model UI

      Has anyone used custom style sheet (css) for changing the look and feel of configurator UI elements? If so, could you please provide the information on this. I tried to add custom css element to the blaf.css file in $OA_HTML/cabo/styles folder as mentioned in the user guide, but the change does not get reflected in the UI. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance.
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          What I would try is:
          Launch any CZ UI- Runtime UI
          Check View Source
          Find CSS file referred in it
          Change that CSS file to add custom class
          Refer custom class in UI element style

          In this case, oracle OAF patch may overwrite the CSS File you modified.

          The standard way would be https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=ATT&id=394478.1:100