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    BIP(11) under Weblogic integration with Siebel(

      While Integrating BI Publisher with Siebel, one of the steps is to copy the 3 Jar file XSLFunctions.JAR , SiebelCustomXMLP.JAR, SiebelCustomXMLP_SIA.JAR from SIEBSRVR_ROOT\CLASSES to ORACLE_HOME/oc4j_bi/j2ee/home/applications/xmlpserver/xmlpserver/WEB-INF/lib.

      This works fine, if we depoyed BI Publisher on OC4J.

      But in our case we have deployed BI Publisher on WEBLOGIC. We need the location on Weblogic, where to copy the Jar Files.

      p.s We are following the instructions as per Siebel Reports Guide Version 8.1, Rev. B.

      Thanks for your help