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    Sectioned graphs output to PDF/print issue OBIEE 11G

      I've created a series of graphs by placing the field that varies in the "Sections" area, so that each graph displays data for each unique item (in this case). When viewing in IE or Firefox, the graphs look perfect, each one accurately displaying the related data as they should. However, when I go to export or print the graphs to PDF or just print them, the sectioned identifiers change accordingly, but the graphs themselves are all the same.

      For example, if I create a simple analysis for items 12345, 12346, and 12347 and their annual sales, create the resulting graph, then drop the item# into the Sections, I properly get three graphs, with each identified accurately with each different item number, but each of the graphs themselves are exactly the same, always with the data from the first item of the group.

      Incidentally, the table/pivot tables (if using sections) do NOT reflect this behavior when exporting/printing. They display properly. It's only the graphs.

      Has anyone experienced this before? Is it a bug? We are on OBIEE 11g IE 8 / Firefox 13.0.1/ Adobe Reader X 10.1.3.

      Apologies if this has been covered before, but I could not find any related posts. Thank you in advance!