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    Implicit REF CURSOR Binding with Date DataType

      Hello everyone,

      Oracle 11gR2
      Oracle Client
      Visual Studio 2010 C#
      Entity Framework 4

      I am trying to bind the ref cursor returned from Oracle Stored Procedure. The ref cursor has a datetype column. I added following lines in App.Config file:

      <add name="OWNER.PCK_NAME.SP_NAME.RefCursorMetaData.REF_CURS.Column.5" value="implicitRefCursor metadata='ColumnName=ASSIGNED_DATE;
      ProviderType=DateTime'" />

      And I got following error message:
      Error 168: The provider did not return a ProviderManifest instance. Package.Procedure.Column.5 ProviderType=DateTime is invalid

      Could anybody please let me know which PrividerType I should give here?
      Thanks in advance!!!