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    PTO accrual


      Could you please help me,how ,I can go ahead.

      in plan pto_payroll_balance_calculation formula has been attached.

      I have requirement like,

      PTO is awarded on 1st day of the year.

      0 - 5 years --120hours

      5 - 15 years -160 hours,

      15 - 99 -240 hours,
      Employees are only allowed to rollover 40 hours a year.

      Example for requirement :
      John Smith get 120 hours of vacation based on how long he has been at company.
      From here I need this amount to decrease as he uses his PTO so when I look at his balance it should show his remaining balance.

      The at the end of the year when I run the carry over process he is allowed to carry over any unused PTO up to 40 Hours.
      For absence type ,it chosen as increment.