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    Supress Email alerts

      Hi there,
      I've been asked to develop an email alert for the Payroll team.
      Basically its to send out an email alert to the team when any employee has used up more then 20 days of sick leave within a calendar year for payroll deductions.
      I've managed to build a query that checks the relevant tables that store the information, however how do i suppress duplicates?

      For example, if an employee uses 21 days of sick leave on Tuesday, the alert is set to trigger on a daily basis and an email gets sent out to payroll.
      However, the same email gets sent out on Wednesday because the conditions are still true. The employee has used up >20 days.
      On thursday the same thing.

      If i change it to only trigger when the 'leave' table gets updated, it would still trigger duplicates as whenever any update is done to the table, the conditions are true again and an email gets sent out.

      Any advise?