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    Choosing the best path for UPK migration

      We need to migrate an UPK 3.1 (multi-user) environment to 11.1. From what I've seen on documentation and My Oracle Support, a direct upgrade is not possible, so I'll need to upgrade to 3.6 first.

      I wanted to do this with the least possible effort and impact. The plan was to do a fresh installation and migrate the content to a new box. Something like this:

      1. Install UPK 3.6 (staging server)
      2. Export content from 3.1 and import to 3.6
      3. Install UPK 11.1
      4. Export content from 3.6 and import to 11.1
      5. Shut down 3.1 and 3.6

      Is that reasonable? I know it is possible to upgrade 3.1 directly, but I wanted to avoid touching that environment as much as possible. I'd need to clone that environment for an upgrade test, to say the least.

      As far as I know, no new content is being generated on 3.1 at the moment.

      Any opinions?
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          If you want to leave the 3.1 environment untouched and plan to go the export/import content route, I don't think there is any need for the intermediate step of installing 3.6. Just install 11.1, export your content from 3.1 and then import into 11.1. Version 3.1 is quite old, so I am not certain importing a 3.1 archive into 11.1 will work, but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't. If it works, you saved yourself a couple steps including an installation. If it doesn't work, you could still install 3.6 and go with your original plan. If you do need to use 3.6, you might consider using a single-seat installation for this. You don't seem to have any plan to use 3.6, you'll be losing your document history by using export/import anyway, and using a Single Seat install would allow you to avoid creating a new tablespace, etc on your servers.

          Keep in mind that by exporting/importing content, you will lose all your documents' histories. Also, leaving the 3.1 environment intact after 11.1 is up and running leaves you exposed to the risk that someone may accidentally use the 3.1 environment and create a logistical problem where two users could update the same document in the different versions... there is no way to compare or merge the changes made by the two authors. You will also have to create a new profile which can take up many MB of hard disk space.
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            Hi adrmp,

            I had a look at the upgrade doco, and the upgrade guide for 11.1 for UPK 3.1 clearly stipulates that you need to first upgrade to 3.6.1 before proceeding to UPK 11.1. It also then refers you to the upgrade guide for the previous version. I then went ahead and had a look at the UPK 3.6.1 upgrade guide, and there is a lot more info in there with regards to upgrading from 3.1.

            My suggestion would be to follow the documentation - at least you would then be able to garner support from Oracle in the event that following their procedures does not work. If you have sand pits / playpens to use for your UPK implementation, go ahead and do an export from 3.1 and see what happens when you attempt to import into 11.1. It may not work, as conversion scripts are run agains the UPK library when you perform an upgrade.

            1. Have a look at UPK 11.1 Upgrade guide
            2. Refer to UPK 3.6.1 Upgrade guide
            3. Perform upgrade per documentation.

            There is no harm in playing around (without following the guides) in order to jump from 3.1 directly to 11.1 - as long as you have time or energy...

            Hope that helps somewhat!