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    Siebel patch OUI installer issue

    Siebel Siva
      I'm trying to install siebel patch. I successfully installed it on one host but the installer keeps shutting down after doing the initial check. both hosts are windows 2003 and I have administrator access on both hosts. Has anyone come across this issue?
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          I found this one on Supportweb: Permission Error When Installing Siebel Fix Pack [ID 1473422.1]

          5. To start the Siebel Enterprise Server installer for version, right click on setup.bat and select the "Run as administrator" option
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            Siebel Siva
            Hi Jiyong,

            Thanks for your response.

            I figured out what the issue was.

            The issue was the OUI didn't recognise the entries Oracle BI entries in the vpd.properties file located in c:\windows folder. We had oracle BI installed on the same host hence the vpd.properties file had entries for Oracle BI. When I copied the vpd.properties file. The installation went through after I removed the entries of Oracle BI host.