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    Endeca Mdex Engine Performance after the baseline completion


      Is there any information in Oracle Endeca help, that talks about performance right after a baseline refresh? It always seems like it’s bad, and then it gets fine.
      Could anyone provide information why it is happening?


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          pete f - oracle

          The cache is flushed as a part of the baseline update. The cache then needs to be warmed to a steady state again, this is discussed in more detail in the Performance and Tuning guides

          Warming performance vs. steady state performance
          When a Dgraph starts, its performance will gradually increase until it reaches a steady state. This
          process is known as Dgraph warming.
          It is important to distinguish between the warming performance of the Dgraph and the steady state
          performance. Many of the techniques discussed in this guide address either one or the other, while
          others address both types of performance diagnostics and optimization.
          The following considerations apply specifically to diagnosing and optimizing the warming performance
          of the Dgraph:
          • Disk I/O problems can sometimes cause slow warming.
          • It is helpful to run a Dgraph warming script at startup. For example, you can use a request log of
          characteristic queries played against the Dgraph to help warm it to a steady state.

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