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    sqldeveloper new connection using ldap,  no ldap contexts ?

      I'm trying to track down a problem we are having with sql developer
      to set up a new connection using the LDAP method, obtaining the
      net service name from a sun one ldap server.

      The net service names are stored in the sun one ldap server, ldap.ora is
      configured correctly and tnsping and sqlplus successfully obtain a
      databases netservice details, but sql developer doesn't.

      When creating a new connection and specifying the connection type as ldap, after selecting
      the required ldap server, instead of listing any contexts the error
      Status: Failure -[LDAP: error code 32 - No Such Object]

      It seems sqldeveloper extracts the available directory servers from the DIRECTORY_SERVERS
      setting in ldap.ora but doesn't use the DEFAULT_ADMIN_CONTEXT setting.

      Does sql developer query the directory server for a list of contexts ? If so, what ldap search
      query does it use ?