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    Is there a way to view activities that have notebook topics ?

      Has anyone found a way to "mark" activities that contain "notebooks"?
      We want to see activities containing notes in the Gantt chart table.
      I know there is a notebook symbol, but I can't find a column that would display the symbol next to activities that have notebooks.
      Any thoughts?
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          Hi SueZQ,

          You can create a user defined column as type Indicator, diplay this in the Activity Table, and populate this with the GREEN Tick Mark opposite all activities with Notebook Topics. However if you Add this to the Current Bar Label in the Gantt Bar Chart, the word "Green" appears instead of a GREEN Tick Mark. Alternatively if you create the user defined column with type Text and populate with * (or Notes) you will see (or *Notes) in the Gantt Bar Chart.  You can use Current Bar Label to display the Notebook Topic itself (based on its Category) in the Gantt Bar Chart and modify the Text Box width, however this will appear on top of any other labels in the same position (e.g. Activity Name).  Getting a symbol like "Notebook" depends on the Font you use, but with Table, Font and Row, this affects all Activities, so may not be easy.