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    Need help with control annotations


      After running the upgrade tool in Workshop 10.3.0, I am now getting a long list of the following error:

      "A control fields type must be annotated with @ControlInterface or @ControlExtension if it's an interface. Verify the type of the control field declaration is annotated correctly."

      An example of where such an error occurs is:

      private com.bea.p13n.controls.profile.ProfileControl pControl"

      I manage to figure out that ProfileControl is annotated @ControlInterface, but am not sure what I would need to do to resolve this error. I think it may be because the version of p13n_controls.jar that I'm using is still version 8.1, but I am unsure.

      Please help.
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          You update your portal jar with in workshop to make sure it is related to new one but on from older version.

          Major problem when we upgrade an app from lower ver of workshop to higher version workshop it copy older jar files which we need to a manual work.

          So get into project >> java build

          check any warning or error symbols are seen remove them and add new one.

          it will fix the problem.

          Still you get problem let me know with error stack.

          Note: try to use Ctrl + F1 button to for quick fix.