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    .Net Client for SOA Web Service

      Hi, I need consume a SOA Web Service from a .Net Web Application, the Web Service have the policy "oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy" can some one give a light on my way?
      I can consume the service without the policy but when I apply the policy I get an error.

      ====Code for consume the Web Service whithout Policy (Web Service Reference In Visual Studio 2010)
      AutenticarWSR.autenticar proxy = new AutenticarWSR.autenticar();
      AutenticarWSR.autenticar_Request req = new AutenticarWSR.autenticar_Request();
      AutenticarWSR.autenticar_Response res = new AutenticarWSR.autenticar_Response();
      req.entrada = "1";

      res = proxy.Callautenticar(req);

      lblResultado.Text = res.resultado;

      ====Code for consume the Web Service whith Policy (Web Service Reference In Visual Studio 2010)
      AutenticarWSRS.autenticar proxy = new AutenticarWSRS.autenticar();
      AutenticarWSRS.autenticar_Request req = new AutenticarWSRS.autenticar_Request();
      AutenticarWSRS.autenticar_Response res = new AutenticarWSRS.autenticar_Response();

      ICredentials credenciales = new NetworkCredential("crm", "usuariocrm123");

      req.entrada = "1";

      proxy.PreAuthenticate = false;

      proxy.Credentials = credenciales;

      res = proxy.Callautenticar(req);

      lblResultado.Text = res.resultado;

      The Error:
      System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall) at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters)