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    JCOP31 require JCDK 2.2.1 but JCDE require JCDK 2.2.2 !  I am cofused !

      I got JCOP 31 v2.2.1 72K and JCOP 31 v2.2.1 144K
      and I set eclipse with JCDE plugin and JCDK 2.2.2 because its required for JCDE
      I successfully generate the .cap but I couldn't upload it to these card .. I used gpj and GPShell 1.4.2 but I couldn't

      then I read that JCOP 31 require JCDK 2.2.1 , I tried to set it on JCDE but it doesn't accept it ! so how it can be used ?

      Please, some help ?