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    Connect to a guest Virtual Machine question

      I'm new to Oracle VM and i have a question. If you have installed to a server Oracle VM 3.1.1 and then you have a second physical machine with your VM Manager in it and you have created several virtual guest machines with Linux, Windows and etc...

      Can a third machine let say a laptop with either Linux or Windows installed have remote access to the virtual guest machines through a vnc or remote desktop(windows) connection????
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          You can either install vncserver on the guests and have them connect dirrectly to the guest without proxing through the VM Manager or you can use Enterprise Manager 12c..... and define groups that have access to just certain targets. You will have to connect your VM Manager to Enterprise Manager 12c but that not too difficult a task.
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            Thank you very much for your answer! Is this the same thing with the windows guest machines ??? I'm asking because they have the remote desktop app already.. Can you just connect to a virtual windows guest without installing or doing anything extra?

            And lets say if you do not do any of the solutions you mention above can a third machine open a secure shell connection (ssh) to the Linux guest machines????

            My real question is that, are the guest machines isolated from the outside world connection-wise (ssh,scp,ftp,remote desktop...etc) if you do not do any extra thing/installations ?
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              The answer depends. You can isolate your guests Operating Systems but it sounds you don't want to.

              A guest operates just like it would if it was a physical server. Yes. you can ssh,scp,ftp and etc into a guest Linux server if you have these things configured on your guest. The console feature of the VM Manager uses VNC to redirect the console graphics output to the VNC viewer using a java applet that acts likes a proxy.

              It works the same way on windows. However, you can also remote desktop directly into the guest windows server if you have RDP enabled on that server.

              If you do not install these features in the guest OS... then there is nothing in the VM Manager to enable such connections directly to the guest host. The only thing that is redirected graphically is the graphics output via VNC and this is only done through the VM Manager or Enterprise Manager 12c.