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    PKCS#15 and Java Card

      Hi guys,

      I have a question about PKCS#15 implementation with Java Card. I read somewhere that JCOP cards support PKCS#15 by default. Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation about this. Further, I found the well-known PKIApplet (at least for us beginners) implementing own file system etc. Now, I'm a little bit confused: should we really implement own file system? Is there some docu about PKCS#15 and Java Card (JCOP)?

      Thanks a lot.

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          AFAIK JCOP cards are not PKCS15 compliant by default, but I believe you can order cards with a PKCS15 compliant applet. You're probably better off building and installing the PKCS15 applet unless you're looking for large quantities of cards.