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    search in iStore

      Hi All

      For one of the customer requirements, I need to make some changes to the search functionality in iStore.
      After going through the code in ibeCCtdMenu.jsp, I understand that the "Go" button click triggers the javacript function postSearchItem(). This javascript function is commented out in the jsp. I want to know where I can find this JS function defined. I basically need to see the piece of code that gets executed when the user clicks on the 'Go' button for performing a search.

      From the logs,I could understand that the jsp ibeCSrdSrchResults.jsp is used to execute the search. But not able to find the code which triggers this jsp.

      Any help is appreciated

      - Thanks
      Deepika Jain
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          SearchService.java does have the functionality.

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            Even though it looks like it is commented it is being executed. Take a look at this for the jvaascript notation: http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_howto.asp,

            Also, if you execute the search it will put the parameters in the URL. The form is a GET so it will show you all of the parameters being passed in. The jsp being called is: ibeCSrdSrchResults.jsp which calls:
            PrdRec[] output = Search.getResult();