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    Durable Subscriber for Uniform Distributed Topic

      Hi I created one Uniform distributed topic (UDT). And One Error topic which is also Uniform distributed topic (UDT) for the same Uniform distributed topic (UDT). Now i want all the error messages in error topic to persist. So i want to create one durable subscriber for error topic. For normal topic it is easy to create but how can i create durable sub scriber for Error Topic. Please suggest.
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          Look for Message Delivery option with in Uniform Distributed Topic.

          this link will guide to configure it.


          more help option.


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            Thank you Kalyan. But i don't think that will help. Or let me rephrase my question.

            Below are my observations for using Error topic for Uniform Distributed Topic (UDT) -

            1. Error topic for a UDT has to be a UDT, in the same subdeployment.
            2. It is not possible to create a durable subscriber for UDT from WLS console - there is no create button.

            We need durable subscriber to persist error messages. So as a work around I have created a dummy SOA process as a subscriber to the error UDT and turned the SOA process off.

            Do you have an idea if we can avoid creation of dummy subscriber and still persist messages in error topic (UDT) for distributed env?

            will the attribute value "Delivery Mode" = Persist help?
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              Tom B-Oracle
              Instead of using a uniform distributed topic (UDT) as the error destination, could you simply use a uniform distributed queue (UDQ) instead? There's no requirement that the error destination for a UDT also be a UDT.

              The main reasons to use a UDT is if either (A) you want the messages to disappear right away if there are no subscribers, or (B) you want to have two or more different error processing services for operate on the same problem message in parallel.