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    OSB Doubts

      We have Oracle Secure Backup 10.4 and SL24 Tape Drive which has no barcodes.

      In this scenario, do we need to label the tape manually?

      Kindly help me...
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          You can label the tapes if you want to but OSB will write a label to the tape if it doesn't find a valid one when it reads it.

          If you have some manual physical label on the tape then it obviously makes sense for you to manually label it in OSB so you can track the tapes easier.


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            Hi SAM

            please find the below answers
            In Oracle Secure Backup, a volume label typically contains a volume ID—for example, lev0-0001—and a volume tag, which is a barcode. These two attributes uniquely identify a tape. Oracle Secure Backup usually creates a volume label when it first writes to a tape. You might want to label a volume manually in the following circumstances:

            The volume has a barcode but resides in a tape library without a barcode reader. In this case, you must manually inform Oracle Secure Backup of the barcode so that it can properly be written to the volume label.

            You want to reserve the volume for use in a particular media family. In this case, prelabeling the volume restricts its use to the media family.

            for this please execute the labelvol command to load selected volumes and write a volume label to each volume [This command erases all existing data on the selected volumes]

            Best Regards
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              Hi today i noticed when we are creating a new media family, its not updating in OSB configuration directory(/usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/state/family/). New directory has to be created in the name of New family but its not creating. So we created a directory on the same path and fired a backup. Now its working fine.

              Can u tell me why OSB is not reflecting the changes in configurations when we are doing some changes on OSB console?
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                What's the name of the media family you're trying to create? I'll test it from here. You could also try doing it via an obtool command rather than using the webtool.


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                  I was just creating a media family named DC-ROOT-MF in Web Tool. I tried to create media family via obtool command also. Problem remains same

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                    Hi Rich,

                    Today when i was trying to install OSB 10.4 on Solaris 10(Sparc) as a client to the existing administrative server. It shows below error message when starting the OSB services.

                    Starting Oracle Secure Backup services daemon.
                    2012/07/25.10:49:21 child didn't lock rock file - child never locked rock file (FSP rock file manager)
                    2012/07/25.10:49:21 warning: can't delete rock file /usr/tmp/observiced.lck - No such file or directory

                    After analyzing the observiced logs, i came to know that OSB is trying to listen on the port 10000 which was using by some applications on the same client.

                    OSB is using Port 10000 for NDMP access mode but we are configuring the client in OB access mode Still OSB is checking for the port no 10000.

                    Could you please help me how to change the default port no 10000 in OSB. So that we can use some other free ports for NDMP.
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                      OSB uses NDMP on port 10000 to communicate so you shouldn't have any other backup tool using that port. You can only run one piece of backup software at a time.