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      • 15. Re: Filter Report based on Apex_item.select_list
        Oke sorry for my late response but I was busy this week. I put my example on apex.oracle.com
        You can find it here: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=58153:10
        PASSWORD: secret123

        You can find my data structure model here:

        And then it is this application: Application 58153 - testApplicatie

        When you run page 10 you can see my example. You have to fill in a (group)number (1 or 2) and click on the button. Based on the number of the group it creates selectlists of values of article options. And my goal to achieve is to filter the below report based on all the selectlist. So not only for one(that is the case now)
        I hope you have a solution for me?
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