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    Overland NEO tape backup Compatibility with Solaris 11/10 x86 and networker

    Andrew Watkins
      I thought I would try here to find out if anyone is using Overland NEO 200 or Overland NEO 2000 series with Solaris 11 x86 or Solaris 10 x86 and running Networker software.

      The reason is we want to get a newbackup system and going to LTO-5 (we have Overland ArcVault 24 LTO-3) and are looking at either NEO 200s or NEO 2000 but I hav eto save EMC and Overland seem to be a bit behind the times.

      - Overland say there systems are all Compatibility with Networker 7.3 and Oracle Solaris 10
      - EMC say that NEO 200s is not support (fine) but Overland NEO 2000 LT0-5 is not support at all on Solaris!

      If anyone is using any of the above please let me know.