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    backup and recovery

      can anyone temme wat is geomirroring or suggest me a link on geomirroring
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          John Stegeman
          temme wat?

          Is that English or some other language?

          Did you try asking Google? That would be my suggested link
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            1. please use formal english
            2. Please mention your OS and db version.
            3. Please give more details about your question.

            I suggest see:
            Backup and Recovery Scenarios [ID 94114.1]
            Master Note For Oracle Backup And Recovery [ID 1199803.1]
            Top 10 Backup and Recovery best practices. [ID 388422.1]

            PS:Please dont forget to change thread status to answered if it possible when u belive your thread has been answered, it pretend to lose time of other forums user while they are searching open question which is not answered,thanks for understanding

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              thanks Helios
              thank you for your suggestions being new to this link i confined my question very informal