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    How to override default JMS Destination Resource properties.

      I have some JMS Topic Destination Resources defined in Glassfish 3.1.2. As you know, the actual JMS topic is not created until it's accessed for the first time. Glassfish seems to create topics with a set of default properites and I need to change one of them. I want to change limitBehavior from REJECT_NEWEST to REMOVE_OLDEST. However, it seems there's no way to override the default properties that Glassfish uses, or at least I haven't figured out how to do it. Setting additional properties in the admin console for the destination resource doesn't seem to work. Using imqcmd I can change the limitBehavior, but since Glassfish is the one creating the topics on demand, there's no guarantee the actual physical destination will be created when I use imqcmd, and if Glassfish is restarted I'd have to run the imqcmd command again. Is there a way I can override the default properties for a JMS Destination Resource?