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    Moving my production enviroment, from solaris 10g to linux 11g


      I need your experience. The scenario:

      Current production enviroment.
      Oracle Standard One, over Solaris Sparc 64 bits, 16GB RAM, 16 cores. 300GB datafiles (tables, indexes, you know what i mean).

      Next production enviroment.
      Last Oracle 11g stable version Standard Edition, over last Oracle Linux x86_64 stable version (6.2 maybe) with two Xeon 64 server, 256GB RAM and 12 cores, with Real Application Cluster configuration.

      My job plan.
      Make a clean Oracle RAC installation on the new production enviroment, with last patches. Later, stop business and generate datapump export files on current production enviroment schemas (bussiness schemas) and load that datapump files over the new production enviroment. I estimate two days (saturday + sunday).

      What do you think. Do you see a better alternative?


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