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    *HuaMin Chen's dishonest behaviour on OTN by plagiarizing others work*

      HuaMin Chen is consistently copy and pasting other people's work, and even reference documentation, and providing that as his personal responses to problems posted here on OTN.

      A few examples:
      {message:id=10465538} : presenting a Tom Kyte response as his own.
      {message:id=10423709}: again plagiarising Tom Kyte.
      {message:id=10462451}: a direct copy and paste from the SQL Reference Guide and presenting it as his own personal response.
      {message:id=10439291}: plagiarising Nidhi Jain on Oracle FAQ's.
      {message:id=10326026}: again plagiarising Tom Kyte, with Tom himself asking him to cease this behaviour.

      A number of words come to mind for such behaviour. Many of them rather crude, but quite descriptive. Suffice to say that HuaMin Chen has proved himself to be completely unprofessional, and totally unethical. And incapable as any kind of Oracle subject matter expert.

      And OTN forum members need to be made aware of this behaviour and treat HuaMin's postings with the contempt that they deserve.
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