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    Oracle forms alignment - Oracle adf page aligment.

    Subramanian Meyyappan
      hi experts,

      - jdev - adfbc.

      i would like to began topic on ADF jsff/jspx pages utilising component alignment time consumption . and then lesser time consumption on oracle forms alignments.

      if an Oracle Forms.report devlopers know about align top,left,right center... just select compoent one time hitting get aligned in a way good looking

      am not comparing to about different stack tech.

      my question is :

      is there any other components in jdev will reduce my design time make my smarter and faster. good looking in alignments with small amount time.

      so far,

      may be some other way. i dnt know i putting lot of time in desgining than my business logic.

      if i ready to prepare a adf page means

      design time take 5 hr a day.

      business logic & validations & bla bla sometime preety hard. but it will went less than three hours.

      am feel free to using compoents in adf. but sometmies ran into trouble(not errors) some ugly degins made by me.

      not bad i learned some tricks here(for desgins adf pages) and some blogs. eventhough some times i made some mistakes in designs.

      could any one show me way. how to do quick in desgins.?