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    Connecting Excel 2010 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit to Oracle 11gR2 on Linux

      Excel 2010 64 bit
      Windows 7 64 bit
      Oracle instant client 64 bit

      connecting to Oracle 11gR2 64 bit on Linux 5.8 64 bit

      I have created a User DSN in Windows called "NITRO Oracle 11gR2 DB" using the Oracle 64 bit instant client driver Configured as so

      Connection test is successful.

      In Excel 2010, I go to Data ribbon, From Data Connection Wizard

      I then choose Other/Advanced, and then Oracle Provider for OLE DB.

      I click next and then put in the data source, user name and password and click test, and it fails with Micosoft Data Link Error. http://i.imgur.com/zuv41.png

      Do you know what I'm doing wrong?