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      ok guys how to add watermark this is the function thats built .applyWatermark but it just doesn't work with me. I have oracle 11g database installed so i use its ordim librarry. here is demo code.

      imgProxy.applyWatermark(imgProxy, imgProxy, strings);

      first attribute is source image, second is destination image and string should be the text of the watermark, note source and destination images are same in my case. How can i add simple TEXT or image watermark to it. Can anyone post a working example. I have searching for online documentation but official oracle documentation is not enought for me to get it to work. Please help guys


      This is the code that "compiles" without errors but i don't have any output at the end. What am i doing wrong here?

      String []strings = new String[3];
      imgProxy.applyWatermark(imgProxy, imgProxy, strings);
      imgProxy.getDataInFile("C://Documents and Settings//Administrator//Desktop//slika.jpg");

      Note when i compile it only with this line imgProxy.getDataInFile("C://Documents and Settings//Administrator//Desktop//slika.jpg"); it will generate me image on desktop but without watermark. So problem is only in that watermark method.

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