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    Setting Headers in OAM and read in OIF?

      1. We have protected a resource - OIF-IdP link for an application on OAM
      2. We have created an authentication policy for the resource and we have set attribute name and value in response headers. Say "USR_DEPT" and static value "999"
      3. We are trying to read the attribute value in OIF -> Federations -> Provider ID-> Edit ->Attribute Mappings and Filters ->Name Mappings. We gave attribute as USR_DEPT and selected "Get Value from User Session" and "Send with SSO Assertion".We verified in assertion that this attribute and value is not getting passed.

      And couple of observations we made from header trace and all is that
      1. Only OAM_REMOTE_USER header is getting set in response.
      2. If we select cookie instead of header for our attribute , can see the cookie is getting set
      Why headers do not work while cookie does? Are there any additional configuration that needs to be done for headers to work?