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    Forms Folder functionality - Issue with layout not appearing properly

      Facing issue with forms folder functionality. Any ideas.. Please do help.
      I have placed folder fields on stacked canvas (CNV_MEA_LINES) which is on a tab page(CNV_MEA_TAB > MONTHLY_SCHEDULE).
      In WHEN-NEW_FORM_INSTANCE Trigger I have below code
      (object_name => 'DEVELOPER',
      folder_block_name => 'XXDNB_BEN_ME_LINES',
      prompt_block_name => 'XXDNB_BEN_ME_LINE_PR',
      folder_canvas_name => 'CNV_MEA_LINES',
      folder_window_name => 'WIN_MULTIELEMENT',
      disabled_functions => 'TOOLS OPEN',
      tab_canvas_name => NULL,
      fixed_canvas_name => NULL

      At designtime, folder stacked canvas is looking good.
      At runtime, folder stacked canvas is completely coming till the end of tab page. Scrollbar is not appearing.

      Thanks in advance..