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    How to use  OpenMapStreet API/GoogleMap API in Java /Swing Application


      I need to solve a simple problem regarding Showing Map on Swing based application in java. I am having list of latitudes and longitudes (GPS Tracks) , I need to draw some routes using these routes and probably want to draw maps like GoogleMaps.

      Is it possible to draw Google Maps using GPS info (latitude, longitude) via OpenMapStreet API. Based on different user selection over JFrame control (e.g Row containing Route Info) one of specific area (panel) a map should be drawn (probably a Google Map).

      I read the OpenMapStreet API. But I don't found a concrete example drawing the map over the Swing application using given latitudes/longitudes (GPS Info).

      Let say I have the following longitudes/latitudes info.

      Longitudes Latitudes

      2546789.510 ,7894125.10 ( Linhaeim)
      1547897.111 ,4569872.10 ..
      2546789.510 ,2365478.79 ..
      2314561.510 ,7894125.11
      5467891.510 ,7894125.22
      4578933.510 ,2647835.33
      6547891.510 ,2254776.44
      3211457.510 ,7899901.37
      6987888.510 ,2010009.78
      3654789.510 ,9876510.61
      5547890.510 ,3145678.39
      1789000.510 ,4698333.58
      2778900.510 ,3254788.97
      7455555.510 ,3378945.27 ( XYZ )
      Moreover some StopNames of Journey also associates with these gps coordinates ( like Linhaeim, Im Saal, KreiserStr, ABC,XYZ, ........)

      I have above data stored inside databases with some other additional information ( e.g JourneyId,JourneyStartTime,JourneyEndTime.....). So, I need the map like which shows above coordinates as route connecting these coordinates.

      If GoogleMap API works for this , then it would too be acceptable for me. Usage of Google Maps API for this context , Please point me small tutorial even to look for for incarporating above map problem.

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          As far as I can see, the API is entirely concerned with maintaining their database. It's possible that part of the API can be used to retrieve maps, or at least data which can be used to make a map, but I certainly don't see anything remotely resembling a Java Swing component which can display such data.

          And that's natural because it would be up to third parties to write code in particular languages to make use of that map data. So check this page -- which I found by following the "Develop/Frameworks" link to see what you can find.