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    Unable to open file created by outbound file adapter

    Debojit Sinha
      I have a requiement for polling data from 3 different tables, mergind=g them and writing all data into a flat file in CSV format. However, I see that I'm unable to open the file with my personal UNIX credentials, since the file is getting written by the SOA UNIX credentials.

      Is there any way to set the default permissions on the server so that the file is accessible to other users as well.

      Any insight would be appreciated, I'm quite stumped with this. My working environment is SOA Suite running on OEL 5

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          In my view this can be sorted out at a operational system level, if you set 'umask 2' for the SOA user (the user that is starting the SOA servers and writing the files) then files created by that user will allow rights for users in the same group. So, you will need to add the group id from the SOA user to your user groups.

          It may be a little bit confusing, the link bellow explain how permissions work in a Unix system.

          Understanding file permissions on Unix: a brief tutorial