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    Deploying JRE across company network.

      Hello Everyone!

      I need to deploy JRE across our intranet and would like to be able to deactivate automatic updates and always replace the older version of JRE upon deployment. I have not been successfull so far.

      I have tried using the MSI included in the EXE Download plus a MST (Transform) File. I've set the following properties:


      Automatic Updates is still turned on despite of this. And I am not able to replace older JAVA RE versions unconditionally.

      How can I achieve these goals?

      BTW: What do the above options control, if not (auto-) updates?


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          You're not the only one to run into that I can tell you - threads I have seen so far with the same subject go unanswered. I would see if there is not a bug report that matches your problem, perhaps there is one with a workaround listed.

          So I don't have any answer but this thread may be of interest to you - I thought I'd bring it to your attention to perhaps save you some personal effort:

          The specified item was not found.